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"I wanted to give back to the yoga community. So, I created the World's Biggest Yoga Pose Collection for free with instructions and benefits. We have recorded over a thousand yoga poses/ asanas and continue to add more on a regular basis.

At this point we have organized the poses by it's type (backbends, balance, seated, inversions, standing, core, and supine) as you can see below. This section is a work in progress and will continue to evolve to suit the taste of those who use it. You can also find the search box on each page so you can at anytime type in your interest and find what you desire in a more effiecent way.

Your feedback is always welcome and we would love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy it and may it help take your yoga practice to new exciting places. Namaste!"

- Mr. Yoga Daniel Lacerda

BACKBEND YOGA POSES BACKBEND YOGA POSES Back bending not only improves spinal flexibility, but more importantly increases its ability to bear stress. Since our spine houses our central nervous system and supports our entire skeletal structure, strengthening our backs becomes vital for preventing injury, aches and exhaustion. Back bending stimulates the nervous system, while stretching out many vital organs such as the lungs, liver and spleen allowing them to function with greater efficiency. When our backs are strengthened, our posture improves, allowing us to stand with confidence and move with ease....click here for more      

BALANCE YOGA POSES BALANCE YOGA POSES Often the hardest poses to do in yoga, we need to remind ourselves that balance poses are about “getting back on that horse”. Falling is inevitable. Their purpose is to teach us how to focus, persist and persevere with grace and humility. Balance poses challenge us to combine strength and relaxation, to balance the body and mind. The difference between balance poses and all other asanas is the amount of focus they require. They demand our full concentration, to balance our effort and awareness drawing us into the present moment. They develop our core strength and tone our legs and arms. They also improve our coordination, posture and confidence...click here for more    

SEATED YOGA POSES SEATED YOGA POSES Most of modern life is spent sitting down with poor posture. Seated yoga poses help us train our spines to be straight, strong, and supple, even when compromised by a twist or an urge to slouch. Furthermore, not only do seated poses/asanas strengthen our back muscles, they strengthen our core, obliques and upper thighs as well. They are also fundamental when training our bodies to become more flexible. While seated we can steady ourselves and focus on stretching particular muscles and opening certain joints, specifically our hips, knees, ankles and shoulders. Seated poses/asanas help us release tension from our bodies, gain core strength and ascertain a greater sense of peace...click here for more    

INVERSION YOGA POSES INVERSION YOGA POSES When our heart is higher than our head, we place our bodies in an unconventional configuration. By shifting our relationship with gravity, inversions allow a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the brain with ease. Physically, inversions allow us to develop strength, balance and stability in an unnatural state. They strengthen the abdominal organs, while flushing out toxins due to increased blood flow. Inversions challenge our perception, and may even evoke fear, but by conquering our weaknesses, we will develop a rewarding sensation that is highly motivating and re-energizing. ...click here for more      

STANDING YOGA POSES STANDING YOGA POSES Standing is something we do everyday but often don’t think much about proper form. They literally teach us to feel and be grounded. Most names for standing poses project strength such as mountain, volcano, and warrior.Concentrating on proper posture while performing standing asanas, increases strength in the spine, leg muscles and joints. Arteries in the legs are also stretched increasing blood flow to the lower limbs reducing the risk of blood clots. While performing poses involving rotation and flexing we are also improving the spines’ mobility and alignment. In terms of the cardiovascular system, standing poses fully stretch the lateral wall of the heart increasing fresh blood supply. Furthermore, standing poses calm the nervous system, promoting a sense of well being and brightening mood....click here for more  

CORE YOGA  POSES CORE YOGA  POSES A strong core allows for stability and strength and forms the foundation for life on and off our yoga mat. In addition to improving posture and toning our muscles, developing a strong core will help prevent injury by strengthening the psoas, abdominal organs and lumbar spine. A strong core will allow you overcome many physical limitations allowing you to execute your yoga practice with grace and ease...click here for more        

RESTORATIVE YOGA POSES SUPINE/ RESTORATIVE YOGA POSES Reclining poses allow the body to be soothed by stabilizing blood pressure while utilizing the support of the ground. They are typically restorative poses that prepare the body for the final pose Savasana. In Savasana, we release all tension from the subtle body developing complete stillness beyond the physical realm. We accomplish this by allowing our minds to be at ease and our heart rate slowed, allowing the body to revitalize. Savasana can be best visualized at a death and rebirth as we awaken; fully cleansing the body and clearing the mind allowing us the renewed opportunity to live life to our greatest potential. Contemplate the question: “If I died today, would I be fully satisfied and content with what I accomplished in this life time? Have we fully acknowledged the people in your life that are of great importance to you?” As we awaken from Savasana, carry this newly acquired vitality and passion for life with you where ever you go. ...click here for more