The Tantric Yoga Kiss

The Kiss to Win Her Over
From the tales about love we grew up with to finding magic in someone as an adult, kissing is an age-old ritual that we often use as a measuring stick to test our level of connection with someone new. Often, kissing is the first erotic physical contact with a potential lover. Not only can we get a feel for a person’s lovemaking skills from kissing alone, we can also gage whether there is something more to build upon. Kissing can be a very intense activity for the mind and body – in fact, females have reported to have reached orgasm through kissing alone.

One way of increasing the intensity felt by both you and your partner is through the tantric yoga kiss. The tantric yoga kiss is an artifact of tantric yoga – a deep journey of sensual and sexual exploration. Before delving into the specifics of the tantric yoga kiss, let’s learn a bit more about Tantra.

What is Tantra?
The most common understanding of Tantra in the West is “spiritual sex” or “sacred sexuality,” a belief that sex in itself should be recognized as a sacred act which can help its participants attain a more sublime spiritual plane. Tantra is a 5,000 year old spiritual practice that anyone can incorporate into their relationship.

The philosophies of Tantra transcend age, gender, culture, and religion. As human beings, we each possess the same fundamental desires – to love and be loved, to protect what is important to us, and to find happiness. The tantric yoga practice can help improve relationships of all types, from those that are damaged to those that have become predictable, and even those that are already good.

There are various types of Tantra, but we will focus on Red Tantra – a practice which directs sexual spiritual energy through one’s own body or to the body of a partner for pleasure, healing, and meditative awakening. The benefits of Tantra are many; for women, it helps empower them to fulfill their sensual needs; for men, it opens up a whole new world of intimacy and improves sexual experience with multiple orgasms (yes, men can experience them too). All couples, young and old, have the ability to create relationships with greater substance, connection, and awareness. So get ready to explore a new world and discover the exciting avenues that Tantra possesses to enhance your relationship!

Keep in mind that yoga is about the journey, not the final destination. The goal is to open yourself to experience bliss with your partner. No matter how good your relationship is already, there is always room for improvement. Tantric yoga is about adding value to your relationship, celebrating your connection and respect for each other, and most of all, experiencing each other in the most profound ways.

Here are the Five Golden Rules for enhancing your experience:
1.Let go of all expectations
2.Be fully present
3.Make no judgments
4.Be willing to explore new territory
5.Open your heart to your partner, even if it means being vulnerable

The tantric yoga kiss is an essential part of tantric yoga sex. What follows is a sequence of seven steps that open the gateway to a sacred sexual union.

1. Place both of your foreheads together and look into each other’s eyes; stay mindful of the aforementioned Golden Rules. Take a minute to synchronize your breathing. You will be amazed at how synching your nervous systems will manifest itself in an overall alignment of emotions, thought, and physical tensity – effects that work to deepen your connection. Remember that the level of ecstasy is often a reflection of how relaxed you are in the present moment.

2. Caress both your partner’s body and facial features with your hands while placing soft, baby kisses around their face. Transfer your emotions to your fingertips – your partner will be able to feel your intensity and caring nature for them through your touch.

3. Have fun teasing your lover by tracing the outside edges of their lips with the tip of your tongue.

4. Kiss your partner slowly with alternating pressure between gentle and deep.

5. Take your partner’s bottom lip between yours and suck gently.

6. Wrap your lips around your partner’s tongue. Suck passionately alternating your speed, slow and fast.

7. Repeat again and experiment with different parts of the body. Be playful and have fun kissing areas you’ve never kissed before. You can both take turns.

Sneaking surprise kisses in the shower, at work, in the car, or in the laundry room can prompt other related extracurriculars, if you catch my drift.

The common purpose of all yoga is enlightenment – finding deep joy in feeling at one with all creation. While the Red Tantric Yoga path is predominantly a journey into ecstasy, it also shares in the same spirit of enlightenment. By deepening the experience of intimacy and love, Tantrism allows us to experience oneness with our partner. Surrendering ourselves to the sensual and sexual exploration of Tantra allows us to realize an unmatched union – a union that arises from the discovery of happiness and wellbeing in your partner and that results in deep reverence for life and creation.

The Tantric yoga practice helps us learn one of the many facets “experiencing oneness “with another another partner. The path is like great art, you can only go deeper and develop a higher skill growing in appreciation and wisdom. We are going to focus on the Tantric Yoga Kiss. I hope this article brings you and your partner closer together in a beautiful sacred union that preserves and promotes well being and happiness in an everlasting fulfilling relationship.

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Let Us Work Together & Get 1 Billion People to Practice Yoga!

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